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During 2014 the department provided instruction to approximately 1,800 students and adults on how to properly use 911, Stop Drop and Roll, Home Evacuation Plans, Fire Extinguisher Use, Kitchen Safety and Outdoor Burning.  Below are some of the groups that either the department visited or they came to the station for a tour and lecture.


2/27     Fire Extinguisher Class at Maggies Salsa

3/6       Boy Scouts Group

5/10     Founders Day, Fire Safety House on Old Main Plaza

8/5       National Night Out

9/13     First Presbyterian Church

9/24     Emily Young Homeschooled Class

9/25     Hayes Middle School

9/27     First Baptist Safety Day/Community Day

10/6     Central Elementary

10/7     Lakewood Elementary

10/8     Gateway Church Pre-school

10/9     Weimer Elementary

10/10   St. Andrews United Methodist Pre-school

10/10   Alban Elementary

10/17   First Baptist Pre-school

10/18   Andrew Heights Elementary

10/23   Girl Scouts Group

10/24   Lakewood Elementary Pre-school

11/14   Lakewood Elementary


     The free smoke alarm installation program has reached out to many homeowners here in town and between January 1, 2014 and January 7, 2015 the department has installed 468 alarms, replaced 191 batteries and visited 1,133 homes. The department will continue throughout 2015 with the door to door walking campaign verifying that St. Albans residences have working smoke alarms.  It is a known fact through data collection and research that smoke alarms save lives.  Working alarms greatly improve your chance of survival through early detection and notify residents so they can escape.