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Captain/EMT Dwight Pettry

Dwight, a St. Albans native, is the second in command of the fire department and also serves as the Fire Department Mechanic where he uses his skills and knowledge to maintain the fleet of apparatus. He also serves on the Water Rescue Team, and is a Haz-Mat Technician. In his spare time he enjoys camping, snow skiing, mountain biking. Currently serving as C-Shift Commander



Captain /EMT John Philpott

John Philpott - John serves on the fire department Training Committee and is the department Safety Officer. John's father was also a retired firefighter for the department. John demonstrates exceptional enthusiasm for the fire service and likes to travel to other departments across the state and country to compare notes of operational tactics. John deployed under FEMA for 4 weeks to the Louisiana and Texas region after hurricane Katrina to help in disaster relief. John is currently serving as A-Shift Commander.



Captain/EMT Eric Mitchell

Eric was raised in Fayette County, WV and started his fire service career in 1980 as a volunteer on Gauley Bridge Fire Dept. He attended Gauley Bridge Elem. and Jr. High and graduated from High School at Boomer Christian Academy. He worked at the Yeager Airport Fire Dept. approximately 5 years before being hired at St. Albans Fire Dept. in 1989. Eric is married and has one daughter. Eric enjoys ultra running, photography, mountain biking and computers. Eric is the B-Shift Commander






Lieutenant/EMT Kenny Romine

Kenny is a St. Albans native and a 1986 graduate of St. Albans High School. He has worked for the fire department since Feb, 1990. He serves on the Water Rescue Team and is also a Haz-Mat-Technician. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, camping and spending time with his wife and daughter.



Lieutenant/EMT Lance Carney

Lance Carney Graduated from Sissonville High School in 1999 joined the fire service at the Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department. He attended Virginia Tech. majoring in Building Construction. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Lance is on the Training Committee and is a WVU Fire Service Instructor.



Lieutenant/EMT Dan Taaffe

Dan, originally from Ohio where his family has a long history in the Fire Service, serves on the departments Haz-Mat Team. Dan is also a certified instructor for West Virginia University Fire Service Extension. In his spare time he likes to provide instruction to other departments in firefighting techniques and spend time with his two sons.







Firefighter/EMT Jeremy Roncaglione

A very active member of his local church, he too is a native of St. Albans. Jeremy also is a member of the Water Rescue Team. In his spare time he likes to be with his wife and children.



Firefighter/EMT Matt Poff

Matt decided to follow his father’s footsteps as well and enter the Fire Service,  Boyd Poff, Matt's father, is retired from the fire department.   Matt enjoys Bluegrass music, he plays guitar and various other instruments. Matt has had two separate music CD’s released; one which was a Christmas music CD was a big hit locally. Matt is also on the Water Rescue Team and is an avid diver. He also enjoys mountain biking.




Firefighter/EMT Jerry Bostic

A 1980 graduate of St. Albans High School, Jerry joined the fire department in January 1999, he enjoys having the chance to help people in a positive way during their bad times. Jerry is active in running road races of many different distances and enjoy the outdoors greatly.



Firefighter/EMT Rex Eggleton

A St. Albans native, Rex is what you may refer to as a sports enthusiast. Following all sports very closely he can tell you exactly what is happening in any sport, he also coaches volleyball. Rex is a member of the Water Rescue Team



Firefighter/EMT Brian Sharp

Brian a St. Albans native enjoys playing a few rounds of golf. Brian enjoys spending time with his two daughters. Brian is a Haz-Mat Technician also.



Firefighter/EMT Jim Hill

A Cross Lanes native who began his fire service as a volunteer at Tyler Mountain Fire Department he has been with St. Albans since 2000. Jim likes to hunt and work with his company (Down to Earth Landscaping) on his days off. Jim has an Associates Degree from Potomac State College in horticulture. Jim serves on the Water Rescue Team and the department Training Committee. Jim is a WVU Fire Service Instructor.




Firefighter/EMT Andy Wooten

A 1996 graduate from St. Albans High School, Andy was active in Baseball and Football. Andy attended WV Tech with a major in Civil Engineering. Andy started his own business in 2000, (Appalachian Lawn & Landscaping) and still operates it on his days off. He enjoys riding Mountain Bikes and Camping with his wife and children.




Firefighter/EMT Jeff Davidson

After graduating from high school in 2000 I went in search of my true calling. I graduated from WV State University with a B.S. in Communications, helped start the Boys and Girls Club in St. Albans, was an on-air radio personality for the local radio station Electric 102.7, I even moved as far as Florida to work in Marine Rescue before realizing my passion was in front of me the whole time. Like my father, I was to become a firefighter. I enjoy WVU Football, playing guitar and spending time with my wife and family.




Firefighter/EMT Mike Lively
Originally from Fayette County, West Virginia where he graduated from Oak Hill High School in 1995.  He is married and has a son whom he enjoys spending time in outdoor activities and sports.   He has always had a desire to be in the Fire Service to help people.



Firefighter/EMT Brandon Price
A native of St. Albans and graduated in 1996. He attended West Virginia State College and graduated in 2002.   Brandon attends First Baptist Church in St. Albans with his wife and children.  He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and two boys.




Firefighter/EMT Luke Adkins

Luke is an Elkview native, graduating from Hoover in "99."  He then moved to Lynchburg, Virginia to go to college at Liberty University; where he eventually was employed with the Lynchburg Fire Department.  He lived there for almost 10 years becoming a Technical Rescue Team Member, a peer fitness trainer for the fire department, and a published author in Virginia Fire and Rescue.  He has recently moved back home to West Virginia with his wife and son.  He enjoys spending time with family, the occasional speaking engagement at a local church, and any sports activity.



 Firefighter/EMT Chris Collins

 Before working in emergency services Chris worked as an area manager for a large tire distributor.  Chris wanted a career that would provide an opportunity to help others and the fire service seemed to be a great way to do this. Chris has worked for Roane and Kanawha County EMS as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Chris enjoys spending time with his family, attending church, ATV riding and hunting/fishing.  Chris likes baseball and follows the Atlanta Braves.   Chris is active in his community of Walton and volunteers on the local fire department.





  Firefighter E.M.T. Eric Tucker

    Originally from Tyler Mountain but now lives in the St. Albans area.  He is a graduate of South Charleston High School.  Enjoys weight lifting, and running as well as spending time with his wife and children.






Firefighter E.M.T. Corey Carr





Firefighter E.M.T. Sean Lowe










Firefighter/EMT Brian Hudson

Brian began his course in the fire service at Lakewood Fire Department while in high school. Brian is a Pre-Medicine student at Marshall University with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology. His future plans are to graduate from medical school and practice emergency medicine in West Virginia.





Firefighter Robert Ely

I am a St. Albans native and graduated from St. Albans High School in 1999. I began my fire service at the West Side Volunteer Fire Department in 2005 and joined the St. Albans City Fire Department as a Paid-On-Call in 2006. Since 2007 I have been full-time with the City of Nitro Fire Department. I am also a Rescue Diver, Haz-Mat Technician with the WVRRT and USAR. I enjoy hunting and fishing in my spare time.















Administrative Assistant Dee Canterbury



Chief / E.M.T. Stephen D. Parsons

Steve began his fire service career in the 1970’s as a volunteer in the Cross Lanes area. After working for the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department for eight years he decided to pursue his first love full-time at the St. Albans Fire Department. "The Fire Service is very rewarding because it provides you the opportunity to serve people and help them in a time of need". When not involved with the department he spends time cycling both on road and mountain bikes, hunting and fishing as well as anything in the outdoors.  Steve has traveled to Malawi, Africa twice as a Missionary to provide training to that country's firefighters. The country of 11 million has only four fire departments. While in Africa he also traveled to remote villages in Mozambique to help establish literacy projects. In March of 2010 he traveled to Haiti after the devastating earthquake and was attached to the Delaware Medical Response Team in Jacmel where he supervised the triage of over 200 patients per day.  "The devastation has left a lasting impression", Chief parsons said,  "He visits Haiti with a team each year from his church and will be building an orphanage for the "Hands and Feet Project" in Grand Goave.   In November 2011 he started his own street ministry, Taking It To The Streets", to help the homeless, the hungry and seniors in care homes.