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 The fire department prides itself on being one of the best trained departments in West Virginia.   In 2014 the fire department accumulated  4874 man-hours of training. Training consisted of emergency management, hazardous material, water rescue, trench rescue, firefighting tactics, incident command just to name a few.  Training is imperative to maintain the departments ISO Class 3 fire insurance rating.  There are only 7 other departments in WV of the 436 that have this outstanding rating.  This rating is used to determine homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Summary of topics that were covered by in-house training.

January - After Action Reviews, Haz-Mat, Basement Fires, Fire-ground Ops

February - Roadway Safety, RIT, Haz-Mat, Incident Command, Fire-ground Ops

March - Basement Fires, Water Systems, Vehicle Stabilization, Medical, ICS

April - Chainsaw Operation Safety, Ropes and Knots, Pump Operations, Water Rescue

May - Practical Evolutions, Business Inspections/Pre-Planning, Medical

June - Practical Evolutions, Water Rescue Boat Operations, Medical

July – Medical, Water Rescue, Practical Evolutions, Auto Extrication, Vehicle Stabilization

August – Water Rescue, Medical, MDT Intro, Fire Detection, Scenarios

September – Active Shooter, Water Rescue, Ventilation, Pump Operations, Scenarios, Medical

October – Building Construction, Haz-Mat, Fire Prevention

November – Disentanglement/Search Scenarios, Medical, Ladders

December – Health and Safety, Medical, Response Size-up, Utility Response


     Specialty Training received at Regional, State or local schools.

January – One firefighter attended Ice Rescue Class in Charleston.

April – Two firefighters attended Fire Code Enforcement, Clarksburg.  Two firefighters attended Fire Investigation, Clarksburg.  One attended Fire Investigation, Sissonville Fire School.

May – Five firefighters attended classes at the WV Fire Safety Expo, Charleston.  Six firefighters attended Interior Firefighting, EPTC, Institute.

July – Two firefighters attended various training classes in Baltimore, MD.

September – One firefighter attended Fire Officer Boot Camp, Clarksburg.

November – Three firefighters attended a 40 hour class on Pumper Driver Operations, Teays Valley, WV